Aims and Background of the Project


The MENTORme project aims to strengthen Higher Education Institutions’ interaction with society, by supporting higher education students to become civically engaged through effective guidance and motivation practices and by raising cultural awareness and promoting diversity acceptance among them.
The project’s main objective will be to develop an online tool in order to establish mentoring relationships between students – who will be the mentors, the professors – who will act as the supervisors and the people with fewer opportunities – who will receive mentorship as they will be the mentees.


Based on the Renewed EU Agenda for Higher Education in 2017, higher education institutions need to be “more inclusive, not just institutions with ivory towers”. The EU focuses on the link between Higher Education and their communities by introducing the concept of “civic university”. This concept wants to provide a theoretical model for socially responsible institutions and at the same time to allow students’ development regarding their social and civic competences. By breaking down the walls between Higher Education institutions and the rest of the society, students will become active citizens as they will engage effectively with others and they will show solidarity and interest in solving problems affecting their communities.