Fourth Partner Meeting

Fourth Project Meeting


Date: 23 February 2023

The final transnational project meeting of the MENTORme project was organized on the 23rd of February 2023 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The meeting was well organised and all partners shared their updates in regards to the pending tasks, which were the organisation of the pilot testings with HE academics, mentors and mentees. Some questions were clarified in regards to the final conference of the next day but no major issues were risen. The date of the last online meeting of the project was set for March and all partners shared their satisfaction with this project’s work and collaboration.

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

Date: 22 March 2023

This was the last online meeting of the project! Partners discussed final issues before the end of the project (related to IO5) and established last deadlines and tasks. They also presented their progress in regards to the pilot testing sessions and their reporting, as well as to Multiplier Events. Lastly, they shared their gratitude and satisfaction with the project as well as consortium’s collaboration and they wish to work together again soon!