Intellectual Output 1 - The MENTORme Handbook

IO1 Description

The first Intellectual Output consists of different stages of detailed research conducted by the partners in order to map, record and present efforts at the local, regional, national and EU level to support vulnerable groups of people. In their first stage of research, partners will collect 10 examples of good practices in each partner country that are supporting people with fewer opportunities. The second stage is then the creation of a detailed National Report which will present the current scene of each partner country and identify the current gaps and needs of vulnerable people. Lastly, partners will compare their current national situations for ending up to interesting conclusions in regards to common elements, differences and needs that need to focus on.
However, the most important product of this IO is the MENTORme Handbook which represents the base of the whole MENTORme Programme. It will include all the essential conceptual framework, methodology, regulations, requirements, procedures etc. for setting up the mentorship programme. This handbook will be then translated in all partner languages.

National Reports:

IO1-A2 MENTORme National Report – GERMANY

IO1-A2 MENTORme National Report – GREECE

IO1-A2 MENTORme National Report – POLAND

IO1-A2 MENTORme National Report – SPAIN

IO1-A2 MENTORme National Report – CYPRUS

Comparative Report:

 IO1-A3 MENTORme Comparative report


The MENTORme Handbook – version 1 – EN

The MENTORme Handbook – version 1 – DE

The MENTORme Handbook – version 1 – GR

The MENTORme Handbook – version 1 – PL

The MENTORme Handbook – version 1 – ES

The Mapping Tool:

Mapping Tool