Intellectual Output 3 - The MENTORme Cloud-based Portal and Mobile App

IO3 Description

The third IO is linked to the digital aspect of this project. During IO3, 4 main products will be developed and the whole e-procedure to offer online support to vulnerable groups of people will be provided. This online support is an important element nowadays that the pandemic has affected the lives of all citizens around the globe.
The first digital product that will be developed is the interactive Platform of the project. It will include:

  • A Mapping Tool with the good practices of each partner country found during IO1.
  • The Educational Pack developed in IO2 (e-Learning).
  • A place where students, academics, professionals, volunteers etc. will participate in the exchange of good practices, ideas as well as materials (e-Community).
  • A library with additional tools and resources with filtering options according to the target group and the topic (e-Library).
  • The Open Badges for assessment and validation of students’ key social and civic competences in order to become mentors (e-TOOL).

In addition, an interactive Portal that will be used also as a Mobile App, will support the implementation, management, communication and monitoring of the MENTORme Programme, as well as the creation of a network among the stakeholders involved. It will provide supervisors, mentors and mentees to stay connected.

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